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Vigilant Hunter Brigade 
Official Rules

   On Joining Vigilant Hunter Brigade:  It’s the responsibility of all =VHB=  members and =vhb= recruits to know the following squad rules. Ignorance shall be no defense in the face of a violation.

1.  ALWAYS display full rank and squad tag, =VHB=  / =vhb=  in the “STORM’ our server, or on any other server.... also on Team Speak.  Example: Gen.VR=VHB=  or as a recruit it should be, VR=vhb=.  No alternative is acceptable.  Note that you cannot log-in to Novaworld using a =VHB= tag due to the equal signs.   In that case..  Use ex. (Gen.VR.VHB)
              A. Please note that applying does not mean you are in Vigilant Hunter Brigade. You'll be watched closely on the forum and in game on our server for a length of time.   Recruit status or Boot Camp will be a minimum period of 30 days to 90 days. Stay active on the server and on the forums (cant stress this enough for ALL VHB members).   As a recruit, you are not permitted in the Member's ONLY section of the Hunter's Den .....   only the public forums.  After you make the team you will be permitted in all the member's section. Remember, you are trying to prove to us WHY you DESERVE a spot on the team.  
              B. When your application is approved and accepted, you ARE NOT a member of the 
    team, that is what you are trying to acquire.  If you display the dedication, commitment 
    and maturity, then after a evaluation period you will be given a Large=VHB=  and 
    allowed into our private areas. Skill alone does not determine admittance, as attitude 
    plays a big part in the decision as well. Please visit our forums and post, so that you can 
    start meeting members of the squad. Good luck!

2. Never cheat or engage in cheat-related chat. Anyone suspecting a cheat or trainer should contact their CO immediately, or a member of the senior officer staff.  Accusations of cheating should always be accompanied by evidence, documented if possible.

3.  Be respectful to everyone you meet in ANY server......  A war of words is strictly forbidden, no matter the situation.  (It would be wise to adhere to all rules, especially this one for you never know when you may be playing with your CO, in disguise.)

4. Refrain from using profanity.

5. No matter where you play, always act within the =VHB= rules and code of conduct, as well as the server's rules (if you don't know them, ask).

6. Support other =VHB=  members —  work together as a team wherever possible. =VHB= members should always be aimed at working as a co-ordinated team within a server.  In addition, a team map commander should be selected for each map.  Typically this will be the ranking officer unless designated by him that you be given a chance to lead.

7.  =VHB=  members are expected to practice with the squad on one of the scheduled practice nights (Sun 11pm-1am EST., Tue 10pm  - 1am EST, or Thur 10pm to 1am EST) at least once per week. Any foreseeable exceptions need to go to your Commanding Officer in advance. You may also make a post in the Hunter’s Den, Member’s Section stating that you will not be able to attend.

8. Respect all fellow =VHB= members and their rank.   This includes our official allies.

9.  Don’t refer to any other players as cheaters, laggers or other unsuitable names. 
    To be more specific, DO NOT type ANYTHING negative to ANYBODY at 
    ANYTIME even if you know in your heart they may be cheating.  Vent your frustrations 
    on Team Speak with a Senior representative.  Serious concerns about a possible cheater 
    should be referred immediately to a senior officer on Team Speak who would pass it on 
    to M.I.T. for surveillance.

    To be even more specific, DO NOT EVER type anything unfriendly to anybody at 
    anytime.   For example...   ‘Lag Kill’ ‘lagger’ ‘quit glitching’ ‘quit cheating’ “no left
    leaning’ and etc..

    If this rule is violated, no matter what your rank is, you will receive 2 probation dots and be
    banned from the Storm and Team Speak for a period of one week.

10.  All =VHB= members are expected to maintain contact with their Commanding Officer each week, through our team forum (the Hunter’s Den), or by e-mail.

11.  Do not intentionally murder team mates, in any server.

12. Do not retaliate against team murderers, in any server.

13.  You must be registered with the ‘Hunter’s Den’, =VHB=’s Forum and be active within it.   Also, all members of =VHB= MUST have MSN Messenger   (It’s a back up for contact IF team speak is down).
                A.  In MSN, you MUST use your game play name so that all members will know who 
              you are.

14. All =VHB= members are expected to have a working microphone and a properly configured Team Speak. Communications are an important function in how =VHB= works so, therefore...  This is a MUST with no exceptions. If you don’t have a mic, time will be give for you to obtain one. If cost is a factor, contact General Vern or General VR, and they will try to find assistance.
                A.   Must use Team speak with respect of the game.   Within a game, when more than 
        4 players, Battle-Chat ONLY.  
                B.   Push to talk ONLY.   if you have voice activation, we hear you cough, sneeze, 
        even curse.
                C.   DO NOT at anytime complain about shooting someone 10 times in the head or 
        saying 'no way' or simply phrases like,  "WHAT?"  "HOW?" any other pointless 
        conversational word because we're just simply not interested,  plus, some 
        commander could be giving a command and be interrupted  by your frustrations.   
        This sounds strict, but that's the rules.  
                D.   DO NOT tease with phrases like, "Homo",  "Idiot" and no racial jokes of any kind.
                E.   Our female soldiers are soldiers period.   There is to Never be any sexual comments
                       Period.   If this rule is violated, you will be immediately released from the team.

15. All =VHB= members are expected to follow the chain of command.  A minor issue shouldn’t be brought to the direct attention of a senior officer - it should instead go to the member's leader or C.O.    Only serious issues need be taken directly to a member of Senior Staff.

16.  No VHB member may be a part of any other squad in these Nova Logic games.   

17.  To play in any VHB scrimmage, match or competition, you must be a member in good standing, be at least the rank of Private, participate in our mandatory practices, a member of the ranger or Elite Ranger Team and be in compliance with ALL =VHB=  rules.

18. Follow the chain of command. 
                A.  If a recruit has a question or a problem go to your commander who is,  
                B.  All Members:
                      If you want a problem handled or something to make it to the General's Desk, this 
                      is how you would do it.
        *   In this order:   
        **    your ranking NCO or Squad leader, SGM, CSM, MAJ, LTC, COL,
                 MGen, then finally if needed the GEN or GOA.

         ***  DO NOT bring your problems or concerns directly to the Generals when 
                 other people can handle them as well.

19.  If your rank requires you to do certain jobs or have a certain code of ethics, concerning your attitude...  IF you do not carry them or have an attitude unbecoming of an officer, you will be stripped of your rank so that someone else may do the job and act with dignity and respect.  We understand that your job, family or and life may complicate your obligations within the VHB Organization, but even at that, we must put someone in your position who may have a little more time on their hands.  This is nothing personal,  just the fact.

20.  Anyone may be put on Leave for a period of 30 days.  
    If they have not returned to active duty they will then be put on the Inactive list for a 
    period of 30 days.    If at the end of that 30 day period they have not returned to active 
    duty, they will be dishonorable discharged.  

21. If drunk,  you will not be permitted to play with tags, rank, or even your personal play name...     This 
    is due to the fact that you disgrace the VHB name, integrity and honor.   PLUS, with 
    minors playing, it just isn't right to speak in such a way that would be offensive not to mention 
    the TOTAL disregard of all VHB rules.     IF this rule is broken you will be banned from 
    Team Speak and the STORM for a time period determined by the Generals.

22.  Concerning Probation.    Probation is signified by a ‘red dot’ beside your name on the operatives page.   You can be put on probation for breaking any rule.  When you receive a probation symbol, it will remain for a 30 day period.   If another rule is broken, during this period, then you receive a second, if still yet another is broken, a third.    IF any rule is broken while 3 probation dots are on your file, the next step is immediate dismissal from the team.


A reminder ......   Vigilant Hunter Brigade’s rules are enforced in a progressive manner with a verbal warning preceding a written warning, followed by suspension and/or dismissal for serious or repeat transgression of the rules. 

While each individual case is taken on its own merits and considered carefully by the Judge Advocate General (*JAG*), the above rules and guidelines should be considered absolute.

It’s each individual =VHB= member's responsibility to stay informed of the rules and regulations within the squad seeing that they may change without any notice. If you’re unsure of something, ask your leader or C.O. before you act.

[ =VHB= Senior Staff reserves the right to alter squad rules at any time. All rules and regulations are enforced by *JAG* ]


1:       A probation dot may be given
2.       Knife or pistol duty for a period of one week
3.       A demotion may occur
4.       You may be banned from the Storm and Team Speak for one week
5.       You may kicked off the team permanently