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Bootcamp explained

Questions & Answers:

Q: So in these modern times you have bootcamps?
A: Yes. As in the armed forces, you need to obtain specific knowledge about many things. Basically some things you may already know, but there are also things that vary from the different Teams on NOVA.

Q: Can you elaborate a little bit on the details of a bootcamp?
A: When you enter as a recruit on VHB and show up for you first bootcamp the following will be explained:

The Rules of VHB (Conduct and guidelines)
JAG - If a player is suspected of a serious offense, he/she might be brought before JAG. The workings of VHB Justice is explained. Why we use it and how.
MIT (Military Intelligence Team)
MP`s (Military Police)
Rank structure and how the promotions happen.

Chain of command
Seeking leave of absence
Protocol of behavior on Teamspeak and The Storm
Probation system
Using the forum - The Hunter's Den
When this is over we develop the player's skills. We teach the tactics we use when we attack & defend.

Q: How long will a recruit be in the bootcamp system?
A: Usually the recruit needs 4 Bootcamps. Each Bootcamp is specific training.

Bootcamp 1 = As explained above, the basics of the VHB way.
Bootcamp 2 = Tactics - Attack & Defend - Use of Claymores and satchels.
Bootcamp 3 = Medic Bootcamp (Medics are vital in A&D) All players need to train as a medic.
Bootcamp 4 = Sniper! Here COL Moon will teach you the basics of being a sniper and how we use the sniper in A&D.
Each Bootcamp is usually 1 hour. There is a Bootcamp almost every week, so if you make all 4 Bootcamps that month, you will (if you pass of course) be promoted to private and can put capital =VHB= letters after your name.