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       May we never forget...


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RETIRED: Head Of the Corps Chief Judge CW4.Kong
Thanks for all the hard work.


G.O.A. Vern=VHB=
(Judge Advocate General - Chief Judge)
Lt. General Mavrik=VHB=
(Chief Defense Counsel)

(A.J.A.G. Juror)
Brigadier General
(A.J.A.G. Juror)


The Judge Advocate General Corps'

These publications are available to all JAG, and can be requested by contacting Head of JAG. All publications are in PDF format.

1. Military Citations 6.Officer Basic Course Smart Book 11. Military Judges Deskbook
2. Army Composition 7. Manual for Court Martial 12. Operational Law Handbook
3. Basic military law 8. Criminal Law Deskbook For JAG 13. The Advocacy Trainer
4. Conduct of JAG 9. Crimes & Defenses Deskbook 14. The UCMJ Deskbook
5. The JAGMAN Handbook 10. Post Trial administrative Processing  

We have these publications in order for us to be able to present fair and unbiased verdicts. They are also used for providing the responsibilities of the different functions within the Corps.
With an organization that runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, there is bound to be a need for this…and there has been several times.